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Iteco Washing Systems machines are present in many countries of the world, discover the authorized distributor of your country.

Iteco Washing Systems boasts a large system of authorized dealers in many countries around the world.

Thanks to this world-class distribution network, the latest plants assembled by our production chain will be exported to countries on the other side of the world such as the United States and New Zealand.

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Back to work!

Reopening of the headquarters and restoration of the business activities of Iteco Washing Systems.

After two months of lockdown of the business due to the preventive restrictions of contagion from the Covid 19 virus issued by the Italian Government, from Monday 4 May 2020 ITECO Srl has reopened its headquarters guaranteeing its production services, goods delivery and customer support respecting the prevention rules currently in force.

We hope to completely restore our activities as soon as possible.

In addition, we take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and collaborators for the support and trust in our work.

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Gantry type washing system

The gantry type washing systems are self-propelled systems for the external cleaning of vehicles, ideal to meet the typical needs of medium / large trucking companies.

The self-moving washing system runs the entire washing program independently while the vehicle intended for cleaning operations remains still.

Compared to single-brush systems, portal systems are more equipped. In each installation the number of brushes for washing varies from a minimum number of two to a maximum of five units and they have an additional double front and rear brush with a “save mirrors” program, for accurate and damage-free washing of the external rear guide.

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COVID-19: Extraordinary company closure

Extraordinary suspension of all office and production activities as a COVID-19 one of our containment measures in support of the state of Italia.

Following the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 22 March 2020 of the Italian State, containing urgent measures regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency caused by COVID-19, which came into force on Monday 23 March 2020, Iteco Srl announces the extraordinary closure of its headquarters.

From Thursday 26 March to Friday 3 April 2020,
all administration, production, shipping and assistance
activities will be suspended.

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Guide to washing commercial and public transport vehicles

The maintenance of transport vehicles is a complex process that requires knowledge of the proper cleaning methods without damaging the bodywork.

The care of their vehicles and fleets for commercial and public transport is important, both from an aesthetic point of view and for the health of vehicles. According to many industry magazines, vehicle cleaning must be done once a week to prevent dirt build-up which if neglected could be difficult to eliminate.

This article will describe which products and washing procedures can be useful for optimal and damage-free cleaning

Detergents and cleaning procedures

In addition to knowing the external environmental elements that can damage your vehicle, you must also know the detergents and washing techniques to be used for effective cleaning.

The washing stations have equipment designed to provide suitable washing programs to eliminate all those environmental elements that are harmful to vehicles and human health.


The first operation to be carried out is that of pre-washing, this phase uses suitable products present in the wash water which can dissolve the residues deposited on the external surfaces such as the bodywork, rear-view mirrors and license plate area, windows, and under chassis, wheel arches, tires and rims.


In this phase shampoos are used to clean the surfaces. There are different types: concentrated, self-drying and polishing and can be used on any type of paint and with hard water, without incurring the unsightly limescale stains on the bodywork.

For glasses, on the other hand, there are specific products in foam or liquid. The latter do not require rinsing and do not leave streaks or residues that corrode paint, rubber and plastic.


For this phase there are rinsing programs with osmotic water. It is an excellent solution to rinse the vehicle and facilitate the drying process of the vehicle, without leaving whitish spots on the bodywork of the cabin, a typical phenomenon of medium or high hardness water.

The osmotic water deposited on the surface of the vehicle will come off automatically when the vehicle starts moving via the vibrations or it simply will dry quickly in the ambient temperature.

Internal cleaning

Finally, it is advisable not to overlook the internal cleaning of the vehicle.

Not only is it an excellent habit to take care of the appearance, but it is important to minimize the allergies (mites, pollen, dust, bacteria) that vehicles driver may suffer from.

The fabric parts of the seats must be thoroughly cleaned to ease allergy symptoms. To do this, dry foams can be used which penetrate the wefts of the fabrics and bring out the dirt and protect the surface with antistatic protection. For leather upholstery – natural or synthetic – it is possible to spray the cleaning product on the surface and spread it with a damp cloth and then vacuum up the residues with a vacuum cleaner.

For all plastic elements such as the glove compartment or dashboard we recommend the use of non-stick products that prevent the accumulation of dust on the surfaces and prolong effect of the cleaning.

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UK Supermarket Launches “Game-Changing” CNG Trucks to Europe

CNG Fuels, the supplier of renewable biomethane fuel, and Waitrose, today announced that the supermarket group has introduced Europe’s most advanced fleet of CNG (compressed natural gas)-powered trucks with a range of up to 500 miles. They will use game-changing technology developed jointly with Scania and Agility Fuel Solutions, the leading CNG fuel systems and cylinders company in North America. This will help overcome concerns about the distance that CNG-powered lorries are able to cover before refuelling. It also makes it easier for fleet operators to switch to renewable biomethane CNG, the most cost-effective and lowest carbon alternative to diesel for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Ten new Scania-manufactured CNG trucks entered operation for Waitrose in January and will be used to make deliveries to the company’s stores in the Midlands and the North. They are the first in Europe to use twin 26-inch diameter carbon fibre fuel tanks which store gas at 250 bar of pressure to increase range from around 300 miles to as much as 500. It will allow them to always run entirely on biomethane, which is 35% to 40% cheaper than diesel and emits 70% less CO2.

The carbon fibre tanks, which are already in use in the US, were adapted and certified for the European market by Agility Fuel Solutions, thereby offering significant advantages over the standard European set-up of eight steel gas tanks. The vehicles are half a tonne lighter, hold more gas and can cover a greater distance depending on the load being carried. They are quicker to refuel and easier to maintain.

source: logisticbusiness.com