The drive-through special buses are designed specifically to respond to the needs of passenger-carrying vehicles companies forced to reduce vehicle wash time.

Iteco now offers two different solutions with a scrupulous care to safety: the hybrid system rollover-drive-through S2 and s3 and the model TUNNEL TPV, both extremely efficient and available in different wash heights on demand.

The washing cycle is started by a ground sensor or photocell barriers. It proceeds with a pre-rinse arch (according to the type of model) and with the opening of the two side brushes and an horizontal brush driven by pneumatic independent cylinders or by electric motors controlled by a microprocessor. The washing cycle terminates with a rinse arch at its exit to thoroughly clean the vehicle.

Thanks to a new control process of the brush pressure on the vehicle, we are able to obtain a wash cycle extremely fast but with an unsurpassed quality of wash.

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