Full Wash

Independent mobile washing system with tilting single brush, chassis high pressure washing and high pressure nozzle with hose winder.


Independent single-brush mobile with full washing system.

It is a single brush with full washing system. The Fullwash circuit avails of:

  • Washing system with tilting single brush, capable of cleaning the entire surface of the vehicle.
  • Chassis high pressure washing, positioned on the lower part of the system, the high pressure nozzles eliminate all dirt residue from the under body and the chassis of trucks and buses.
  • Water jet with high pressure nozzle with hose winder. Perfects cleaning of more difficult to reach points.

The Fullwash engine is diesel operated and avails of ride-on operator driving.

Technical data

Transmission Hydraulic
Engine Diesel 18 HP Twin-Cylinder
Forward travel Variable speed
Engine Fuel Diesel
Consumption 3,8 litres/hour - 0,84 UK gal
Tank Capacity 15 litres - 3,30 UK gal
Start Electric
Water tank capacity 500 litres - 110 Uk gal
Brush water consumption 25 litres - 5,5 Uk gal
Knife - edged nozzles water consumption 20 litres - 4,4 Uk gal
Water pressure on brush rinsing 3 Bar
Maximum high pressure 120 Bar
Hydraulic fluid tank 10 litres - 2,2 Uk gal
Max. brush inclination 20°
Brush diameter 1100 mm - 43,3 in
Weight 680 kg - 1500 Lbs
Overall Dimensions 4270x2200 h1650 mm - 169x87 h65 in *On request other heights are available

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