Omega Wash I440 S2

Two-brush rollover washing system


Self-propelled, brush rollover washing systems with two-brush cleaning system for external washing of trucks and buses.

This system independently executes the cleaning program. Once the vehicle being washed is positioned on the installation platform, Omega Wash S2 fully and independently washes the outside of the vehicle.

it has an additional front and rear double brush with “mirror saving” program for accurate washing, without damaging the rear view mirrors.

The brush rollover systems were designed to meet the needs of medium/large sized transport companies.

Technical data

Omega wash
Power supply 3x400 V+N+PE (50)Hz Power connection 6,25 KW (standard installation)
Height 4450mm - 176in
Width 2700mm - 107in
Length For all vehicles
Drive-through Dimension
Height 5525mm - 218in
Width 5904mm - 233in
Length 2400mm (Rails length standard)

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