Additional equipment: Contour-tracking HP roof bar

Additional equipment for the Iteco gantry washing systems

Together with the wash systems, Iteco Washing Systems offers a wide range of additional equipment to add to its washing station, optimizing the cleaning performance of the vehicles.

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Among these accessories is the Oscillating Bar, a mobile bar equipped with high pressure nozzles that can be installed on the gantry stations of Iteco Washing Systems. The contour-tracking roof bar is able to perform all the prewash, wash and rinse phases in a short time and wash the entire length of the vehicle.

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Join the team of authorized distributors and resellers of Iteco truck and bus wash systems.

Thanks to its network of authorized distributors and sales partners, Iteco Washing Systems has been able to make its products dedicated to truck and bus washing known all over the world.

Recently our sales team decided to expand its collaboration network and search with companies specialized in the distribution and resale of vehicle washing materials and the automotive sector that have a good knowledge of the Northern European market.

Easy Wash – Professional and cost-effective washing.

Single brush washing systems for a professional and cost effective washing of Trucks and Buses.

In the range of single brush washing systems, you can find also the models Easy Wash conceived and designed to offer a professional and cost effective washing for trucks and buses fleets of small dimensions.


Easy Wash 50E

Single brush washing system connected to power supply, AC 380 V 3 phases or 220 V mono phase

The system includes.

• Washing system easy to drive able to clean an Artic in less than 10 minutes with a maximum water consumption of 150 Litres of water. The single brush is able to clean the whole vehicles surface and with its tilting facility you can easily clean the sloping driver’s cabin

• Driving system with a wheeled trolley for manual moving, with two directional wheels and four pivoting wheels ensuring good grip and linear driving.

• 24V electric controls: totally protected and safe, tested complying with CE standards.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor, thanks to its reduced size of two square meters. The height can be customized on demand.

Quick installation in two ways: by direct connection. Cables and hoses are connected on the back of the machine without any driving system with cables and hoses free or with overhead rail installation through wall supports or poles.

Easy Wash 300

Single brush self-propelled washing system with hydraulic traction

Equipped with a hydraulic traction system, the single brush easywash does not require any connection to power or water supply.

An excellent solution for a washing service immediate and complete necessary for the transport companies or bus and coach operators with a limited number of vehicles.

The system consists of a single brush allowing the washing of the whole vehicles body and with its tilting facility of 20° you can easily clean the sloping driver’s cabin

The driving system includes double controls on both sides of the machine and allows the operator to drive it in both sense of directions.

Easy wash 300 is available in three versions:

• Model 300B (Petrol Engine

• Model 300D (Diesel Engine)

• Model 300E (Electric Motor with batteries)

Truck Wash

TRUCK WASH washing system for commercial vehicles

Professional and economical mobile washing system for commercial vehicles and public transport

The single brush washing system truck wash is an independent self-propelled washing system conceived to assure complete external cleaning of heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, trailers, tankers, RV, special vehicles and buses.

Surfaces total cleaning guaranteed

The washing system can clean the whole surface of the vehicle, thanks to its brush tilting device up to 20°

Washing time: maximum 10 minutes

Truck Wash is able to perform a complete wash of the vehicle in a maximum time of 10 minutes. This makes it ideal to operate intermediate washes between two transport services.

Three driving positions:

The single brush offers three types of driving: walk around, on board on a platform and sitting.

Guida a terra
Guida in piedi a bordo
Guida in piedi a bordo
Guida da seduto a bordo

The washing system truck wash is available in the following versions
– D500 powered by a diesel engine (silenced motor available on demand)
– D500 HP powered by a diesel engine and equipped with a High-pressure lance.
– E500 powered by electric motor and batteries 24V

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