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Truck Wash E 500
Easy wash 50 E

For more than thirty years Iteco Washing Systems has been committed to designing washing systems capable of offering high quality cleaning for all types of transport vehicles.

Our range of products has a wide variety of solutions, find the one that best suits your needs:

Single disc washing systems

Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems equipped with all the basic accessories to guarantee a complete and professional cleaning service.

Easy wash_50E

Easy Wash 50E
Electric single brush machine with double control commands.

Easy wash 300

Easy Wash 300
Autonomous single brush machine with double control commands.

Truck Wash

Truck Wash
Autonomous single brush machine with steering drawbar.

Full Wash

Full Wash
Autonomous single brush machine with complete washing system.

Omega wash_camion
Omega Wash I440 S3

System with multi-program system managed by PC with the possibility of choosing between two, three, four and five brushes, guarantees the washing of the entire external surface of each type of vehicle.

In the washing circuit there is a high pressure chassis cleaning system for cleaning the underbody and side frames, a low pressure dispensing system carries out the vehicle pre-wash phase and additional devices on request such as rotating heads and oscillating HP horizontal bar.

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“Omega Wash” gantry-type wash system

Gantry-type wash system for a complete cleaning for every type of vehicle.

If you are looking for a new washing system capable of guaranteeing a complete and performing vehicle cleaning service, the Omega Wash gantry-type system is the right solution for you!!

The Omega Wash gantry-type system is able to perform the entire cleaning cycle thanks to:


The multi-brush washing system is able to clean the entire surface of the bodywork of each vehicle and it is possible to install from a minimum of two to a maximum of five brushes.

The high pressure dispensing system on the sides of the portal allows for thorough cleaning of the vehicles.

Additional equipment

To optimize the performance of Omega Wash, the following additional devices can be added on request:

Monitoring PC: to control and optimize the washing programs and working times of your station.

Rotating heads: Frame and underbody washing devices. Eliminates any residue of dirt deposited during journeys

Oscillating HP roof bar: Excellent for vehicles with particular shapes such as tankers, it is composed of a series of nozzles capable of delivering water at high pressure and cleaning the areas that do not come into contact with the brushes.

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Contour-tracking HP roof bar: Optional accessory to optimize the cleaning of your vehicles

Additional equipment for the Iteco Washing Systems gantry washing systems.

In addition to the complete wash system, Iteco Washing Systems offers a wide range of additional equipment to add to your own wash system, optimizing the cleaning performance of the vehicles.

barra oscillante - visione dal retro
barra oscillante

Among these accessories is the contour-tracking HP roof bar, a mobile bar equipped with high pressure nozzles that can be installed on the gantry-type wash systems Omega Wash of Iteco Washing Systems. It is particularly designed for vehicles with uneven surfaces as, for example, tank trucks.

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Gantry type washing system

The gantry type washing systems are self-propelled systems for the external cleaning of vehicles, ideal to meet the typical needs of medium / large trucking companies.

The self-moving washing system runs the entire washing program independently while the vehicle intended for cleaning operations remains still.

Compared to single-brush systems, portal systems are more equipped. In each installation the number of brushes for washing varies from a minimum number of two to a maximum of five units and they have an additional double front and rear brush with a “save mirrors” program, for accurate and damage-free washing of the external rear guide.

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