Additional equipment: Contour-tracking HP roof bar

Additional equipment for the Iteco gantry washing systems

Together with the wash systems, Iteco Washing Systems offers a wide range of additional equipment to add to its washing station, optimizing the cleaning performance of the vehicles.

Barra osc_
Barra osc_retro

Among these accessories is the Oscillating Bar, a mobile bar equipped with high pressure nozzles that can be installed on the gantry stations of Iteco Washing Systems. The contour-tracking roof bar is able to perform all the prewash, wash and rinse phases in a short time and wash the entire length of the vehicle.

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Gantry type washing system

The gantry type washing systems are self-propelled systems for the external cleaning of vehicles, ideal to meet the typical needs of medium / large trucking companies.

The self-moving washing system runs the entire washing program independently while the vehicle intended for cleaning operations remains still.

Compared to single-brush systems, portal systems are more equipped. In each installation the number of brushes for washing varies from a minimum number of two to a maximum of five units and they have an additional double front and rear brush with a “save mirrors” program, for accurate and damage-free washing of the external rear guide.

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