Prevention of damage from winter frosts

Emptying the water system of the single brush machines to prevent damage caused by winter frosts.

With the arrival of the winter season, it is good practice to remember to empty the residual washing water from the single brush machines to prevent any damage caused by winter frosts.

System for draining the water system

For this reason, Iteco Washing Systems single bursh machines are equipped with a water emptying system: a series of valves positioned in the lower part of the machine that allow the complete drainage of the water tank, the water pump and of the connection hose to the spray nozzles of the single brush machine.

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Cleaning the water filter


In addition to emptying operations, it is also recommended to clean the washing water filter between the water tank and the water pump to avoid obstructions and malfunctions due to the presence of impurities that can form in the water tank.

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